ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Start-up Kit

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ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Start-up Kit

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System Start-up Kit

Date Listed   May 30-10:23 pm

Price --49.99 Reply for Details

Posted by eListr member: flooringsupp 

California United States

ATR Tile Leveling Alignment System

Cross Spacers - $49.99
T Shape Spacers - 35.95

Edge Spacers - $26.99
Spindles Pre-Assambele (reusable) - $58.95

Also available Kits 2mm or 3mm

The Choice of Professional

In Stock Ship Same Day

Buy Now at

2 Part System with (Re-Usable) Spindle and Spacer that eliminate lippage in tile installation (NO TOOLS Needed)

Level Everything in its Path

Very easy to learn and use at any skill level

Grout spacer 5/64" (2mm) - Tile thickness 15/64 - 51/64 (1/4 - 3/4) (6mm-20mm)

You only need 1 cross spacing plate for 4 tiles NOT 4 Clips like every other Leveling System

While every other system require 360 units for 100 pieces of tile ATR require only 117

Very easy to learn and use at any skill level

ATR Tile leveling, lippage free, wedges, spacers,  flat, surfaces, RTC Tornado Leveling System, Tuscan Leveling System, Raimondi Leveling

Advantages of the ATR Tile Levelers

    • No Tools (GUN) needed! No expensive hand tools required.
    • Simple and quick to lay with only 2 elements: Spacer & Pre-Assemble Spindle.
    • The only system removed without the use of force.
    • Only System that leave clean grout line (no risk of spacers not breaking all the way)
    • (+) Cross shaped Spacers allows for 2/3 of savings.
    • Creates a lippage free surface.
    • Keeps tiles in place while drying.
    • Assists in aligning tiles.
    • Stress free installation.
    • Professional finishes every time.
    • Very simple and easy to use.
    • Saves time.
    • Suitable for both floors and walls.
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.
    • Reusable spindle, save money on you next project.
    • Designed and made in Australia.

Example of the different between ATR to other leveling system

100 pieces of tile project ATR use total of 117 spacers with approximately cost of $29.99 compare to any other leveling system 360 spacers with cost of $44.00

About 33% savin

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