Emma Has A Dilemma! by Dana and Amber Wall

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Emma Has A Dilemma! by Dana and Amber Wall

Date Listed   Mar 1-12:14 pm

Price --10.50 USD

Posted by eListr member: samax4836 

Mississauga Ontario Canada

Emma Has a Dilemma, a New Children's Book that Teaches Grammar to 4-8 Year Old Children, learn nouns and pronouns for a makeup test.
Have fun learning nouns and pronouns with Emma and Wizard Jake in the delightful children's picture book "EMMA HAS A DILEMMA! Written by Dana and Amber Wall.
EMMA HAS A DILEMMA is part of a series of 4 books.
Order today! Available online at for between $10.50 and $14.95 wherever books are sold or on our website at http://emmahasadilemma1.com
Contact us: 310-991-3039
Email: dana@emmahasadilemma.com
433 7th Street, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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