Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane

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Composeal Gold Crack Isolation

Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane

Date Listed   Mar 29-1:53 pm

Price --1.79

Posted by eListr member: flooringsupp 

Los Angeles California United States

Composeal Gold Crack Isolation Waterproofing Membrane

Available cut or Roll

$1.73 per sq ft

60" widths x 90 ft = 450 sq. ft - 40 mil Thick $749.99

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  • The industry’s first heat fused 3-ply membrane. Gives unsurpassed double-protection against common shrinkage cracks found in residential and commercial construction, and prevents water damage and moisture migration.
  • For new construction or renovations using ceramic tile, marble, brick or stone.
  • Excellent bonding strength.
  • Significant labor cost savings with faster, one-step seaming.
  • Superior chemical, mildew, fungus resistance.
  • Ideal for interior and exterior floors, walls and decks over substrates of concrete, cementitious backer units, exterior grade plywood protected by sloped mortar bed or fill, and thick mortar settings beds (mud).


Crack Suppression Capability

Independent laboratory tests, supervised by the Ceramic Tile Institute of Los Angeles, conducted on COMPOSEAL GOLD over a split substrate using the load-bearing Robinson Floor Tester, confirm that COMPOSEAL GOLD has superior strength and ability to protect a properly installed thin-set tile installation from the most common cracks found in residential and commercial construction.

Bonding Direct Capability
COMPOSEAL GOLD’s two outer layers of non-woven polyester heat-fused at 290° F to the inner PVC membrane allows direct-bonding of COMPOSEAL GOLD to both the substrate below and the tile above. The heat-fusion manufacturing process prevents delamination of the polyester backing from the core.

Waterproofing Capability
The well-proven COMPOSEAL PVC Shower Pan Liner makes up the inner layer of COMPOSEAL GOLD and gives the same waterproofing protection.

Made in the U.S.A

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