Search Help

Use a  ','  (comma) or (the word)  'or'  to separate terms you wish to search for.

By using the 'or' condition, this means that a search result will be returned if an ad title and/or description matches either (or both) of your terms you have entered.

You may string together as many 'or' terms as you wish.

(Example) Search for: red or blue

...will return all listings that have 'red' or 'blue' in the title and/or description.

Use an 'and' between terms for a multi-conditional search.

This means that a result will be returned only if the title and/or description of an ad matches all the search terms you have entered.

(Example) Search for: red and blue

...will return all ads that have 'red' and 'blue' in the title and/or description.

Partial word match

The search will match even if the search phrase is found as part of a longer word. For example, a search for part would match partial or apart.

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